Workplace Coaching

Supporting employee well being, stress management, leadership development, performance management and people engagement are high on the priority list in the workplace, but take time.  We are here to help you achieve these, through our passion to help people. Bespoke 1:1 coaching and group facilitation from enhance coaching is designed to help you, your employees and your organisation achieve your goals and get the maximum benefit.

Potential benefits to you, your people and your business

Reduction in stress and anxiety, increased attendance, greater well-being, people retention, enhanced people support, positive employee opinion, successful change, effective leadership, increased customer satisfaction, increased performance and profit, reduced costs and many more.

Business coaching packages specifically tailored to your needs, can include online support, action planning, reports, regular feedback and any of the services listed above.

Please get in touch with an idea of your requirements for a quote, or if you would like any further details.

Attendance at your business for individual personal development and career support sessions with multiple individuals can also be arranged through visiting coach.

Do you have a question, or not sure if coaching is right for you? Get in touch!