Visiting Coach

Person looks out over a cityscape choosing goals from enhance coaching visiting coach in the workplace to support with personal coachingTo help provide personal development and career support while improving your employee engagement and wellbeing, enhance coaching offers a ‘mobile’ coach service.  The visiting coach can spend an agreed amount of time in your organisation, as a one-off or on an ongoing basis, providing personal coaching to those who would like it.

Whether employees pay for their coaching at a pre-agreed reduced rate, or your organisation subsidises some of the cost or provides it as a personal benefit for your staff, on-site life coaching will help your employees in and out of work.

This is designed to provide supportive life coaching opportunities for individuals and can be as flexible as required. The service would be made possible by your organisation, but the coaching agreement would be between the coach and the individual. All that would be required is a private room and coffee making facilities! If you require formal organisational coaching support, please take a look at workplace coaching.

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