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I am an approved life and career coach, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner, trainer and facilitator, consultant and interim manager with over 14 years coaching and leadership experience.  During this time, I have helped individuals with their personal circumstances, work/life balance, confidence and direction, and enhanced performance and colleague engagement in the workplace. I develop leaders to get the best out of their people and create a collaborative coaching culture with high employee engagement.

As a coach, mentor and people supporter, I get my satisfaction out of helping others. Whether they are looking to find their values, create vision, have a specific problem, or want to maintain established success, I help them make changes to improve their situation. 

I trust the belief that we all have the resources we need to change ourselves.

My coaching is varied and I use different tools and techniques to help individuals make the improvements they desire.  I provide a non-judgemental, safe environment and believe in people.

Adam Print Life Career and Leadership Coach for Enhance CoachingCommunication is the foundation of good coaching, therefore I start by understanding how people see and decipher the world around them. I am always objective and balance supportive hand-holding with honest feedback and holding clients accountable.

Personally, I have lots of experience, regarding lifestyle, life skills, life choices and achieving and maintaining well being.  I won’t go into detail about it here, but I am open and honest about these and am happy to chat about them with you.

I have a genuine desire to support others and an authentic collaborative approach to maximise well-being. In business, this has increased performance, engagement, attendance, customer satisfaction and company success. I also have my own coach.

Please take a look at my services to see how I could help you, and hear from others I have helped through my coaching approach on the testimonials page. Or, get in touch, it’s always lovely to hear from you.

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